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Nature Bub - the best choice for your children

Nature Bub - the best choice for your children

The chemicals and toxins in growing cotton and in the manufacture of conventional baby clothing can be extremely harmful to a baby or child’s health. These chemicals also pollute the streams and our environment. Green babies are far less likely to have skin irritations or respiratory problems and this makes for a more content, healthier infant and happy and relaxed parents.

Organic cotton baby clothing uses all natural processes for treating and growing the cotton. It is eco-friendly and chemical-free. Because of this, not only is organic cotton baby and kids clothing safe for the environment but is also one way of protecting your infant's skin and health, and keeping your baby safe, happy and content.

At Naturebub we offer eco-friendly, organic cotton and hemp clothing and other  products for babies, toddlers and little kids. We have a unique range of trendy,  designer organic baby and kids clothing from brands such as Pure Baby, Lapsaky, Sckoon  and Elk & Ina. All of our environmentally-friendly, 100% organic clothing is excellent quality, durable and affordable and extremely comfortable and stylish.

We are passionate about healthy living and offer an affordable alternative to people who want to take care of their babies, toddlers and children, while also making a difference to the world in which we live. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.Chemicals and toxins used during the growing and manufacturing of the cotton, seep into ground water and pollute the atmosphere. It will be our children and theirs that will be most affected by the choices we make today. Babies and young children’s immune systems are not yet fully developed and their skin is very sensitive. For this reason, babies and young kids are prone to developing skin irritations or rashes that result from chemicals used to treat cotton. These rashes can be extremely painful and at the very least, very uncomfortable for your child.

Using all natural and organic children’s and baby products is the only way to ensure that your baby or young child does not have to suffer from a painful chemical irritation.