Why Organic?

There are many benefits of choosing organic products for your newborn baby. The health of a baby is the most important thing to a new mother and by choosing organic clothing, bedding, toys and skin care you can give the baby the most healthy and pure options in which toachieve optimum health. A baby’s skin is very thin and porous so the barrier for protection against harmful substances placed on the skin is quite thin. Using conventional clothing that has been sprayed with a variety of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides in the growing phase and then more chemicals sprayed onto it in the factory, can leave the baby susceptible to absorbing these poisonous substances. Asthma, fatal poisoning, and cancer are just some of the human health risks associated with conventionally grown cotton, when people are exposed long term. For babies, traditionally grown cotton is known to cause skin allergies and sensitivities due to the remnants of all thesepoisons still within garments. Thankfully, for concerned parents there are many products now available that are a wonderful alternative to the conventional choices that have been available in the past. As well as the health of your baby, there is also the health of the planet to think about when deciding whether to purchase organic products. Chemicals used on conventional cotton are among the most toxic substances used in farming. Although cotton occupies only 3% of the world’s farmland it uses 25% of the world’s chemicals and pesticides. Heavy pesticides are linked with problems in rivers and oceans, air pollution, the health of animals, as well as the health of human farmers and workers. Runoff seeps into our drinking water and contaminates it as well as damaging the health of our soils. Supporting organic farming is a conscious step in reducing the toxic overload on our air, earth and water. It is one way that we can help in our small way to make a big difference.

The Benefits of Choosing Organic Baby Clothing for Our Babie

As a parent, your natural instinct is to do everything you can to keep your little one healthy, happy and safe. If you already feed your child organic food, you’re on the right track. What about your baby’s clothes? Are they made out of organic materials? If not, you are inadvertently exposing your child to harmful chemicals and toxins. The same thing applies to your baby’s toys. Without choosing organic products whenever possible, your child is probably coming into continuous contact with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and a wide assortment of industrial chemicals. Learn the top benefits of choosing organic baby clothing below.
Leave a Better World for Your Baby
Conventional cotton farming is highly destructive to the environment. As corporate farms overtake small farms, the variety of seeds that are used has dwindled. When the same type of seed is planted across thousands of acres, cotton plants become more susceptible to pests, weeds and other issues. In turn, farmers have to use more and more chemicals to fight back. When higher concentrations of chemicals are used, they are more likely to leech into groundwater, surface water and even drinking water. In addition to harming humans, these chemicals harm birds and other wildlife. By choosing organic clothing and toys, you will do your part to leave a healthier world behind for your baby.
Protect Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin
Nothing can compare to the silky smoothness of a baby’s skin. No further evidence is needed to show that babies have extremely sensitive skin. While adults may be able to handle the harshness of cotton and other fibers that have been treated with pesticides and other chemicals, babies often can’t. Wouldn’t you rather have your baby’s skin come into direct contact with chemical-free clothes? You can make that happen by choosing clothing that is made out of organic fibers.
Save Money
Parents often balk at the higher prices that go along with organic baby clothes. Here’s the thing: Organic clothes last longer. They can withstand repeated washing a lot better than clothes that are made out of conventionally grown cotton and other plants. Regular cotton onesies, pajamas, pants, T-shirts and other clothes start to fall apart after 10 to 20 washes. Organic cotton clothes, on the other hand, stay strong even after 100 or more washes. Babies and small children can be rough on their clothes, so it is well worth it to pay a little more for clothes that actually last.
Protect Your Baby’s Health
Babies’ skin is more delicate and porous than adults’ skin. As a result, the chemical residues that are found in regular clothes and toys can be absorbed by the skin and cause health problems. Besides, babies and small children are often fond of chewing on sleeves and putting toys in their mouths. By using organic clothing and toys, you won’t have to fret whenever you see your baby doing so. You can breathe easy in the knowledge that the clothes your baby wears are as safe as can be. As a parent, you can’t ask for more than that.